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fpc-plancon supports your investment by building up your production facilities and facilitate the relocation of your business or factory, worldwide. We are mainly active in India and China as well as the Middle East. Inquiries about South America and Brazil more specifically are welcome. We are able to carry out any kind and any scale of industrial project with our international assembled planning team.

Chemicals India

Chemicals India was founded in 1981 and is well- known private enterprise in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. We have partnered with various experts from some famous domestic scientific research institutions as R&D team leaders to develop new technologies and products in the field of Sodium Silicate and Sodium Aluminium Silicate (Zeolite 4a)

Q-Shield™ India

Q-Shield™ provides high quality, completely reliable engineered thermal insulation solutions that are applicable across a wide variety of industries. Q-Shield™ is committed to establishing itself as a premier provider of high grade thermal insulation technologies to the global automotive and industrial markets. Q-Shield™ delivers safe, reliable and efficient solutions to its customers.